WORKSHOP: SITES OF MEMORY OF THE "SLAVE ROUTE" in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

From left to right and from top down:

Top: Nicolás Helft (Argentina); Nilson Acosta (Cuba);  Carlos Moreno (Argentina);
Second row: Ana  Frega (Uruguay);  Laennec Hurbon (Haiti),  Clara Netto (Uruguay); Ignacio Telesca (Argentina/Paraguay);  Jordi Tresserras (Spain);
Third row: Gabriela Pacheco (Uruguay); Marta Goldberg(Argentina);
Fourth row: Mónica Gorgas (Argentina); Frédéric Vacheron (Uruguay); Carmen María Ramos (Argentina);  Jesús Guanche Pérez (Cuba), Dina Picotti (Argentina);
Front row: Eduardo França Paiva (Brazil).



9:00 am  Welcome and Opening of Meeting

Jorge GRANDI, Director of the UNESCO Regional Office of Science for Latin America and the Caribbean; UNESCO Office for MERCOSUR cluster.

National Direction of Heritage and Museums, Argentina (Representative to be named)

09:20 am  Pertinence of work related to “Memory Sites” in the Río de la Plata

Ambassador María Susana PATARO MRECIC, Ambassador of Argentina to the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

09:35 am  Objectives of Workshop

Frédéric VACHERON, Program Specialist, UNESCO Office, MERCOSUR cluster

09:50 am  Coffee-break

10:30 am  Presentations on activities related to Slave Trade and Slavery in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay

Marta GOLBERG, Member of the International Scientific Committee of “The Slave Route”

Ignacio TELESCA , Catholic University,  Asunción, Paraguay

Ana FREGA, Commission of National Cultural Heritage of Uruguay, University of the Republic.

Moderator: Marisa PINEAU, Professor – Researcher, University of Buenos Aires / University of Quilmes, Argentina.

0:30 pm  Debate

1:30 pm  Lunch

3:00 pm  Presentation on the experience of UNESCO’s  Project Memory Sites of The Slave Route in the Latin Caribbean.  

Jesús GUANCHE, Vice-President of National Committee “The Slave Route”, Cuba

Laennec HURBON, President of National Committee “The Slave Route”, Haiti

Nilson ACOSTA , Vice-President National Heritage Council, Cuba, Consultant of UNESCO’s Office,  La Havana, for “Memory Sites” in the Latin Caribbean

4:30 pm  Other experiences related to the “Slave Route” Project “ and Cultural Tourism

Jordi TRESSERRAS, Vice-President of the International Scientific Committee of “The Slave Route”, University of Barcelona, Spain.

Moderator: María Susana PATARO


5:00 pm  Coffee-break

5:15 pm  Proposals of Follow-up for the “Memory Sites” Project in the Río de la Plata (by experts from Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay)

Moderator: Frédéric VACHERON

Noelia Monje Vega, Spain, AECID.

“The Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for Development and its African-descendents”